Interactive M3D-vis display in the browser. Combination of clinical findings and anatomy: Click on marked areas to get additional information, images and videos immediately.

In addition to the common formats of the e-learning modules, we also offer customized special formats, such as medical 3D visualization (M3D-vis) directly in the browser. An application example for an interactive M3D-vis display is integrated in the arztCME module Endometriosis – Update 2022.

The use of Augmented Reality (AR), Tangible Augmented Reality (TAR) technology or 3D visualizations in learning courses leads to:

  • more efficient learning,
  • higher motivation,
  • better communication of spatial structures and thus to a higher attractiveness of the learning material
  • also taking into account cost-efficient creation.

These technologies can also be used in patient communication – to present and explain anatomical facts and clinical findings.

Literature: Böhm, Klaus; Wiegers, Wolfram; Dörner, Ralf: Innovative eCME courses-an approach with tangible augmented reality. Dermatologist, Vol. 73, 502-504, 2022.