Specialized Digital Solutions

Special requirements need special solutions – we face these challenges together with you. Our experts will be happy to develop customized digital products for you to achieve your specific goals.

Example GeoHealth: We give your data space!

In our GeoHealth focus area, for example, we deal with the spatial relationships of your data: Around 80% of all data used for decision-making has a spatial reference – but this is usually in tabular form, which means the spatial reference is lost. To enable you to take the geographic context into account in your data analysis, we support you with various tools and services related to GeoHealth. Our QB-Analyzer, for example, serves as an online tool for quick and easy identification of market potential in the hospital market.

Use our applications for internal processes and presentations or share the insights gained with others. We offer you the appropriate medium: from offline to interactive web solutions!

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Showcase: Specialized Digital Solutions