Consumer Information

Providing transparent information is more relevant than ever in the current age of fake news and supposed internet experts! We use various formats, such as knowledge portals or apps, to convey expert content: That’s why our content is created in close cooperation with medical and pharmaceutical experts – this ensures topicality, credibility and reliability, and ensures that the content is tailored to the target group:

  • MOBILE APPS: Information and knowledge transfer is increasingly taking place via smartphone. With our apps, consumers can access the desired information at any time.
  • KNOWLEDGE PORTALS: Portals are a central instrument in the marketing mix with regard to generating and deepening contacts and for flanking product, topic or company websites – from pure information pages to dialogical exchange or as a distribution medium.

In addition to technical development, we naturally also take care of all services such as text editing, press releases, web content management and publication.

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