The consumer portal, operated by health&media, is aimed at users interested in health. Our own specialist editorial team is scientifically supported by dermatologists and provides well-founded information, verified background information and a wide range of services on the topics of skin, hair and body care. At, we naturally combine reliable technological services with image and text editing as well as journalistic craftsmanship.

Continuous communication measures include the regular dispatch of a newsletter, the publication of interviews with experts, the download service for brochures or eBooks and the editorial processing of seasonal recommendations on beauty care. Topics such as allergies, ingredients of cosmetic products, labelling requirements for products or health risks are also regularly highlighted.

In addition, the comprehensive INCI database (ingredients of cosmetic products), which offers explanations of the functional nature of active ingredients, convinces both end consumers and journalists or professional groups from the field of cosmetics with a wealth of “layman’s comprehensible” information.

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