COSMILE Europe Widget Demo

In the digital world we live in, there’s a deluge of information on cosmetics on the internet and often it can be difficult to know which sources are reliable. Would you like to easily find reliable information on cosmetics? Are you looking to have access to a search tool that could be installed on your website or company homepage and help you find this information quickly? COSMILE Europe is here to help.
The COSMILE Europe database, hosted on the website , is a simple and single point of reliable information about cosmetic ingredients. This European database includes information on almost 30,000 ingredients in cosmetics. It helps consumers understand why certain ingredients are in cosmetic products, the ingredients’ properties and more. Currently, the database is available in 14 languages, with more to come.

In addition to the COSMILE Europe website, Cosmetics Europe – the European trade association for the cosmetics and personal care industry – association behind the COSMILE Europe initiative, is now making available the COSMILE Europe widget. By integrating the COSMILE Europe widget on a website, this small independent tool can help you or people visiting your website directly search cosmetic ingredient information on the COSMILE Europe database without leaving the page and/or website you/they are visiting.

If you are interested in integrating the COSMILE Europe widget on your website, please contact health&media

The company health&media manages the website and the associated database on behalf of Cosmetics Europe.